About Us

The circus collective Penguin Productions was born from the graduate class of 2014-2015.

During our four years at Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam, our wish grew to continue working together after school. Together with Julien Auger (Cie La Meute) this wish became a fact into the touring show Tension Trail.

The Show

“The fear of failure prevent us from trying 

The fear of the unknown prevent us from initiating adventures The fear of being judged prevent us from demonstrating what we believe is important 

The fear of losing what we own pushes us to over protect things.” 

All kind of fears make us docile and consuming 

We believe that facing them is a way to regain a freedom taken from a pressurising society that promote fear. 

We play with the border of failure and with the threat of the fall. By trusting each other we manage to push our limits further and we overcome the fear. As a group we work together and support each other. We use the collectiveness to work with human rigged structures that reach up to 7 meters.

The overcoming of the risk is the central element of our show. Playing with smartphones, partnering with a plant, juggling with pee, being blind folded in the trapeze are examples of the challenges we undertake.

With “Tension Trail” we use circus to experiment on our sense of bravery and we will propose you to challenge yours.

Through an ecologically aware show;

Through a process actively promoting collectiveness;

Through a performance actively promoting peace, love and penguins.

Who are We

The Netherlands, Belgium, Catalunia, Curaçao, France, Germany and Norway .

Coming from 7 different countries, we are a multicultural society.

In every multicultural society, people are there from a different background and with different ideas. But some kind of factor, or common interest, unites such a group. In our case it is circus.

We come from fields like social education, music, pedagogy, equestrian sports, dance, theater, visual and fine arts, etc. But an urge to define our lives by circus, led us all to make our bachelor degrees in circus arts. During this time we discovered the enormous power of the diversity our group has. We found a common ground at Codarts University to spend four years together, and we are now proceeding to keep working and exploring this group. In the Netherlands, Rotterdam is a melting pot of different cultures, and is thus a natural habitat for the Penguins.


Diversity is the great strength of our group. By truly appreciating each person for who they are, we fight uniformity. Given this space and freedom, the group is always driven by the will of each individual to coexist as a collective. Our vision of Circus lays on our variety.

Circus is our reality. We don’t go on stage to create another reality, but to share our reality with the people around us. Circus doesn’t need the extravagancy of illusion to be amazing, beautiful, dangerous and sensitive. By honestly sharing what we do, we wish for other people to relate it to their own lives.

We invite you to read our Penguin Manifest (see below)


#1 Circus brings us together, and we bring some circus to the world.

#2 Groups are consisting of individuals.

#3 We believe that one should do his best to respect the Earth and its inhabitants.

#4 Treat other people in the way you like to be treated.

#5 Champion the Underdog, and Underdog the Champion.

#6 Enjoying the path brings meaning to the destination; we do our best to create through a nice process.

#7 We value creativity so every idea deserves to be tried out; until the egg hatches you never know if there is a penguin inside.

#8 Hug each other and penguins when you can.

#9 This manifest might evolve!